Drunken_moon Evelyn Potter
It's Harry Potter but Harry is a girl and Severus Snape raises her
Fish Leaping To The Peak Legend Of The Mythological Genes
Every myth and legend is a path to Godhood! When humans enter the interstellar era, ancient cultivation techniques shone with new life. Your genes exist with you! A single sentence showing the true meaning of cultivation. Myths and legends are not a fantasy, there are ancient mythological genes in the bodies of everyone. The Hou Yi Gene allows you to shoot a hundred miles, using a single arrow to break down the dome of heaven. The Kuafu Gene allows you to run with flying speed, chasing after the
Makoto Shinkai Kimi no Na wa
A girl stranded in a small lakeside village deep within the mountains, Mitsuha, and a boy caught up in the oddly orderly chaos of bustling Tokyo, Taki, begin to dream of another, unfamiliar life. Before long, they realize that they aren’t dreaming at all, but actually switching bodies. Separated even further apart than they ever would have imagined, yet still somehow inexplicably connected, they search for the truth behind their strange phenomenon and discover what really happened on that fate
Glasgow Game Of Thrones: Titans War
He wasn't a Hero. He wasn't an Anti-Hero. He was just.........A monster who entertained himself in the most horrible ways. A man like that would surely not be sent to another world like an heroic MC that you can only finds in Novels, Fanfiction and Manga would be, right ? Well seems like a certain God doesn't think so. Now in a Fantasy World that he barely knows he will do everything...
lqing I’m a Courteous and Honorable Man, Not a Devil
People call me a heartless devil because wherever I go, death follows and mountains of corpses and rivers of blood are left behind me. However, I’m just a respectful and chivalrous scholar that wants to help people.
PoisonBunnies Reborn: Building A Kingdom
Alex's life had been quite nice being the only child in a multimillionaire family. But one day, Alex was killed by his crazy ex who kidnapped him with her new boyfriend for a hefty ransom. Well he is very rich but back to the situation. However Alex was shocked to find that he is being born again as a baby! Well, it's good that he could still live... but wait a minute, he is going to be thrown out...